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Our Key Peninsula Senior Housing Project


The Mustard Seed Project is now taking our commitment to the next level by building the first senior housing on the Key Peninsula.


Read our Senior Housing Update for the most recent information. 

Our vision is a multi-faceted campus that offers an array of highest quality services for older adults at different stages of their lives, while enriching community life and the economic vitality of Key Center. This centrally located campus will include innovative housing for elders, gardens, walking paths, a community gathering place, and café.

Assisted Living Cottages

  • We will build three assisted living cottages in the heart of Key Center that will be home to 10 elders each. These communal homes will offer the best in care and quality: a shared hearth and great room, private bedrooms with baths, and 24-hour care onsite. The cottages will be created in partnership with The Green House Project, the national organization that is transforming elder care with its model of small residential houses that give elders a true home environment (
  • A key component of our vision is inclusion of elders of varying means and abilities. Our residents will include those who pay independently and others who receive support through Medicaid. We will provide memory care for those who need it. This is a “home for life” model, where higher levels of care will be made available to meet increasing needs over time, including hospice.
  • As a Green House residence, each cottage will feature an open kitchen, shared living space, and easy access to the outdoors. In the Green House model, each elder is deeply known and valued as creative, resourceful, and whole. Intensive and innovative staff training builds a culture of deep respect for each elder’s personal needs, catering to individual preferences and encouraging elders to pursue their interests and passions. 
  • Research conducted at Green House homes has shown that this model of care results in an improved quality of life (in terms of privacy, dignity, meaningful activity, relationship, autonomy, food enjoyment, and individuality) and emotional well-being. In addition, Green House elders have an improved quality of health, including longer maintenance of self-care abilities and lower rates of depression. Green House homes have also been found to result in improved family and staff satisfaction. You may have seen reference to this in the book “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande.
  • A financial feasibility analysis conducted by Chi Partners, LLC, indicates that the cottages will create approximately 25 new jobs for individuals caring for the elders.

Community Gathering Place

  • Our community gathering place will be a vibrant resource for our entire community, bringing all ages together. This center will feature a café for the enjoyment of all, workshops and classes for older adults, and intergenerational programs. Other ideas include a story-catcher booth where elders can share their lifetime memories, an adult day health program, and the offices of the Mustard Seed Project, where we will continue to provide a variety of programs and services in support of independent living in the community. We forecast that the café and community center could create as many as 12 additional new jobs.

For more information on this exciting new development, please call us at 253-884-1205.