Your support for The Mustard Seed Project translates into direct services for seniors on the Key Peninsula.

Thank you for building an elder-friendly Key Peninsula!

Make a Tax-Free Distribution to The Mustard Seed Project from an IRA

The IRA Charitable Rollover allows you to make a tax-free charitable gifts from your IRA to The Mustard Seed Project without claiming any increased income. And, your gift counts towards your minimum distribution requirement.

These rollovers particularly benefit people who do not itemize on their federal income tax return and those who do not need the income from their minimum required distribution (MRD). The basic facts regarding the IRA Charitable Rollover are:
Donor must be at least 72 years of age (for people born after July 1, 1949).

Donations of up to $100,000 from an IRA made directly to charitable organizations are not included in taxable income.

Donations count toward donor’s Minimum Required Distribution
Donations count toward donor’s Minimum Required Distribution
To be tax-free, the donation must go directly from your account to the Mustard Seed Project without passing through your hands.

Simply ask your IRA administrator to make a charitable distribution from your individual retirement account to the Mustard Seed Project.

(The CARES Act suspended required minimum distributions for 2020. You can still make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA, and there are still tax benefits for doing so.)

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

The Mustard Seed Project accepts stock through its account at LPL Financial.


Todd Rosenbach (253-884-4787) is the Portfolio Administrator for our account. Please have your stockbroker call Mr. Rosenbach when you transfer stock so that LPL Financial is alerted to expect it. You or your broker can also call him for assistance when making the transfer.


Once the transfer has been initiated, please let Eric Blegen, Executive Director of the Mustard Seed Project know either by email ( or by phone (253-884-9814).

Questions? Contact us at 253-884-9814 for more information.

Other Ways to Support The Mustard Seed Project

Along with direct financial support and volunteering, there are a number of ways to help The Mustard Seed Project:

Matching Gifts

Many companies (including Boeing, Microsoft and Home Depot) have matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees.  If your company matches employee giving, please request a matching gift form from your employer.  Then complete it and send it with your gift. We will do the rest. The impact of your gift to The Mustard Seed Project may be doubled or possibly tripled!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Here’s another chance to give to The Mustard Seed Project (TMSP) while you shop. When you link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to TMSP, Fred Meyer will donate a portion of the sales to our efforts. To sign up for the Community Rewards Program:


  • Sign in to your Fred Meyer’s account or create a new one HERE.
  • Link TMSP by either searching for us by name (The Mustard Seed Project) or by our non-profit number (#91544).
  • You will continue to earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates, just as you do today.
  • If you do not have a Rewards Card, they are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.
  • For Frequently Asked Questions regarding this Rewards program, click HERE.


We sell delicious, flavorful mustard for $5 a jar, and the proceeds come directly to us.

State Worker?

You can support us through the Washington State Combined Fund Drive. We are in the Washington State Charity directory and our charity code is 1481311.

Other Ways to Help

We love being the recipient of other fundraising efforts – including yard sales and Facebook fundraisers.

“We have met many delightful, interesting and always appreciative people who have made our time on the road well spent.”

Lynne and Terry

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The Mustard Seed Project

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